Mount Olympus Kennels – terms, conditions and policies

The following terms, conditions and policies form the basis on which Petway Limited trading as Mount Olympus Kennels (hereinafter “Kennels”) will provide boarding services to the owners and/or carers of pets (hereinafter “Pet Owners”).


General boarding terms and conditions

By making a booking to board their pets, Pet Owners automatically agree that they are subject to these terms, conditions and policies.

Pet Owners understand and acknowledge that, whie every care will be provided to their pets, these are boarded entirely at their own risk.



When making a booking, Pet Owners are required to provide their full name, permanent residential address, two contact telephone numbers and an email address.  When specifying the period of boarding, they must also indicate the proposed check-in and check-out time for their pet(s).


The pets must be dropped off and be collected within the Kennels operating hours, namely between 07:00 and 19:00 hours.

(a) Check-in:

Between 07:00 – 19:00 hours

Upon check-in, Pet Owners will be required to complete a form, giving details about their pet(s), as well as the name and contact details of the vet they wish the Kennels to contact in case a problem arises with their pet(s), subject to the provisions of clause no.5.

(b) Check-out:

By 12:00 hours.  If not checked out by this time, a full day’s stay will be charged.


Earlier collection

There is no refund or credit in respect of earlier collection than the period booked.

However, should boarding be interrupted because of the death of the pet(s), the urgent need for the pet to be transported to a vet clinic and be hospitalised because of health reasons, or because of the Kennels being unable to offer their services because of force majeure, then refund or credit will be given.


Late collection

The Pet Owners agree that it is their responsibility to ensure the departure date is correct.  Should they, for whatever reason, collect their pet(s) later than the period booked, they undertake to pay for the additional days.


If the Pet Owners’ pet(s) is/are not collected by the agreed departure date, the Kennels will give the Pet Owners seven days’ notice (the “Notice Period”). Notice under this clause is agreed to be duly given if it is sent by SMS or by email, with the Notice Period commencing upon the dispatch of the SMS or email.

If the Pet Owners have not collected their pet(s) upon the expiry of the Notice Period, then the Kennels have the right to:

(a)  to place the pet(s) in an animal shelter, or

(b)  find a new owner for their pet(s).


Booking cancellation

Bookings may be cancelled without any charge provided this is done 10 days prior to the check-in day.  If done within this period and provided the booking has been done online and payment by the Pet Owners has already been made, then credit or refund will be given.

No refund or credit will be given if cancellation is not made within this period.

In cases of force majeure which make it impossible for the Kennels to offer their services, refund or credit will be given.

Pet’s condition upon check-in and during boarding


Upon boarding the Pet Owners guarantee that their pet(s) has/have the required vaccinations, which should cover the entire boarding period of their pet(s).


If the Pet Owners’ pet(s) is/are not properly vaccinated, flees and ticks, and anti-wark protected, it/they cannot be accepted for boarding.


Under no circumstances will the Kennels and/or any of their employees be held responsible in any way for paralysis tick, canine influenza, parvovirus, or any other illness or condition, injury or death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may be suffered by the pet(s) and its/their Pet Owners during the boarding period of the pet(s).


The Kennels supply all premium pet food.


Any medication delivered to the Kennels upon check-in must be clearly marked with the pet’s name, and must also state clearly the frequency and dosage to be administered to the pet.

Veterinary treatment and payment


Should the Pet Owners’ pet(s) be in need of veterinary treatment during the boarding period, the Kennels will do the following:


Try to contact you on the telephone numbers you have provided to the Kennels (it is the Pet Owners’ responsibility to ensure these numbers are provided).


Should the Kennels be unable to contact you, Pet Owners acknowledge that the Kennels have the right to act in the best interest of the pet(s), which means taking the pet(s) to a vet of their choice unless specific prior instructions have been provided by the Pet Owners to contact a vet of their choice (name of vet and telephone numbers must be provided in such a case).  If the Pet Owners’ vet is not in Nicosia, then they acknowledge that the Kennels have the right to take their pet(s) to a vet of their choice.


Should the Pet Owners request that their pet(s) be taken to a vet of their choice for treatment, the Kennels will charge for the transport cost to the vet and back to the Kennels and for the time spent by the Kennels’ staff at the vet.  Transport cost will be calculated on a per kilometre basis in line with the allowance given by the Government of Cyprus to government employees for the use of their personal motor vehicles as published from time to time.  Attached is the latest table of allowances as revised in January 2014. The same applies in the case that the pet(s) is/are taken to a vet of the Kennels’ choice.


It is at the absolute discretion of the Kennels to have the vet of the Pet Owners’ choice or the vet of the Kennels’ choice to come to the Kennels to treat the Pet Owners’ pet(s).  In such a case, the Pet Owners will be liable for the travel cost of the vet as well as for his/her fees.


All fees charged by the vet, any travel cost, the cost of any medication, and the charge of the Kennels’ staff spent at the vet, and any other relevant costs, must be paid by the Pet Owners to the Kennels upon collection of their pet(s).

Payment of boarding and other charges


Payment of the charges in respect of boarding must be made upon booking (applies only to online reservations) or upon check-in.


Any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Kennels, including all those relating to treatment by a vet as stated in clause no. 5 above, are payable by the Pet Owners upon collection of their pet(s).

Personal data

The Pet Owners hereby consent to the release of any personal data to a vet of the Kennels’ choice under the conditions stated in clause no.5 above.

Boarding terms, conditions and policies June 2018

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