What is the ideal dog for me?

Ever wondered what is the ideal dog for you? There are different factors that you should take into consideration. Sharing your life with a dog can sometimes be challenging and it requires a long-term commitment and adjustments in your current lifestyle.

  • The size of the dog. The sizing of the dog is very important since you have to consider the space and area available for the dog to move around in order to be in a comfortable and safe environment.

  • The activity level of the dog. There are hundreds of different breeds and each breed has its own activity level. Every dog breed requires a daily exercise routine and attention. If you cannot commit to long and multiple walks per day, a small breed dog could be more ideal for you.

  • The physical maintenance of the dog. Any dog requires a certain degree of basic grooming and maintenance needs. There are different types of hair coats with different needs. In addition, maintenance needs require visits to the vet, grooming, brushing, ear cleanings.

  • The age of the dog. Whether buying a puppy or an adult dog, they both require a certain degree of training. When training a puppy, they need a greater amount of training and attention but they learn faster to adjust to their new environment and the puppy can develop easier and faster into well-behaved dog.

  • The breed of the dog. Every breed has different challenges regarding the dog’s temperament, grooming needs and health problems. Always, making sure that the dog will fit into your family and your lifestyle. Therefore, a thorough research behind the dog’s breed is necessary.

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