Why share your life with a dog?

There’s no doubt that having a dog in your life is a blessing. It is scientifically proven, that it offers multiple benefits in someone’s life.

  • Dogs can drastically change your mood. Once you see them wagging their tail it can immediately cheer you up. They even have the ability to calm you down, reduce your stress and increase your happiness level.

  • When properly trained can be of great service for people with disabilities.

  • Dogs help increase social interactions. Just like humans, dogs need socializing too! That means frequent visits to the parks and dog play grounds which automatically allows you to socialize and meet other dog lovers.

  • They could be your best friend. Dogs are able to offer you endless loyalty, they can sense and understand your body language, emotions, feelings helping in the creation of an amazing human-dog bond.

  • Dogs keep you active. Dogs are very active animals, they love to play and run around. You have to daily be active and motived, to keep up with their needs. It is proven that people with dogs are 50% more likely exercise an average of 30 minutes a day.

  • Dogs are able to help you with your health. Researchers at the University of Washington have found that babies born in a house with dogs are less prone to have any sort of allergies. They also have the ability to help you have a stronger immune system, decrease heart attack rates and decrease risk of cardiovascular related death, when compares to people without a pet.

There are so many benefits you can gain from having a dog, but most importantly what you gain is their amazing loyalty and love they offer which helps you have a better-quality life.

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